Our Aim

The main objective of the establishment of the school being fulfillment of education need of the children of this area.

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Students will enter school ready to learn which will develop into happy, self-respecting, understanding, and contributing members of society.

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We take this opportunity to share with you that our institution is being appreciated for its achievements in academics and co-curricular activities.

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Your life starts here...
The Mangadu Public School, emerged on the auspicious day at the early beginning of the year 2011 - 2012 with about a handful amount of future pioneers who had their name written as the students of this esteemed institute.

The present day embarks about more than three thousand candidates along with the institute being one of the most alleged establishments among the whole region of Chennai and Southern India.
The Meenakshi Ammal Trust came into existence in the eventful year of 1983 where a public charitable and educational trust was formed by a pioneer of development, Mrs. Meenakshi Ammal.

The motive behind formation of this esteemed trust was to realize the potential within the poor students who could not make it to higher levels of study due to insufficient funds for education. The Trust from the date of its formation has contributed to many fields of education and development such as the Dental and Paramedical Institutions, various hospitals, libraries, etc.

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School Building

PM's interaction with students on behalf of Teacher's Day